Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Comparison

"Your keys, your bitcoin. Not your keys, not your bitcoin."

This table compares the features of different hardware wallets used with their respecitve companion application => The setup that a new user would use.

Hardware Wallet +

BitBox02 +
BitBox App

Ledger Nano X +
Ledger Live

Trezor Model T +
Trezor Web App

USD Price (excluding shipping)
Other criteria
C C C & Python
Switzerland France Czech Republic
0 for Bitcoin-only edition 1,100+ 1,000+

(Hover over the stars and feature title for more information) | This comparison was made to the best of my knowledge. If anything is incorrect or out of date; you think that an important criteria is missing or anything else, please open an issue on Github.

* means it is possible but requires advanced skills to set up

Disclaimer: The author of this page works for Shift Cryptosecurity AG. He nevertheless tried to be as neutral as possible in this comparison.

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